Paper Feeding Equipment- Advanced Dynamics

Advanced Dynamics supplies a selection of paper feeding equipment suitable for a range of flat, embossed and delicate products including brochures and leaflets.

FeedingFriction Feeders are fast and dependable in handling most kinds of flat products such as envelopes, phone cards, greetings cards and media products etc. Products are inserted into the magazine as piles. The lowest product lies on the friction belt and is pulled from the pile through the friction force of the belt. The braking roller prevents the next product from being pulled out as well.The opening between belt and braking roller is set to the appropriate product height (up to 30mm)



Pick & Place Vacuum Feeder machines are suitable for products with delicate surfaces that cannot be exposed to sideways movements or friction, for example embossed products.



paper feeding equipment



High Performance Vacuum Wheel Feeder machines are perfect for separating and counting high-value sheets and very thin products with delicate surfaces.







Drum Vacuum Feeder machines are ideal for handling folded and stitched brochures, leaflets or embossed paper products.